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Why Us

Choosing the right medical services provider to assist you in your trip is a very important step. Collaboration with a proficient medical tourism company that possesses profound credentials, developed connections, and a highly qualified team will surely help you make an effective and comfortable journey.

Our Main Advantages


The widest possible range of services.

IES Medical offers the widest range of services in the sphere of medical tourism that can satisfy even the most demanding clients. This list includes medical assistance, medical catastrophe insurance, air ambulance service, medical escort, second opinion option – to name just a few.

Direct access to the leading Israeli doctors and medical centers.

Using the services of IES Medical gives you an exclusive opportunity of direct contact with the world renowned Israeli doctors, independently of any intermediaries. We also provide our customers with the access to the premium medical centers of different specializations, including those offering unique treatments that can’t be received anywhere else.

Established relationships with all related institutions.
Wide connections with the leading hotel chains, airlines, and other related institutions help us transfer and accommodate our clients with the maximum comfort.

A case management system.
This smart option enables quick tracking of the necessary information like documents, medical diagnosis, treatment results, etc., and helps coordinate the whole process properly.

A team of outstanding professionals.

Excellent skills of our staff make it possible to easily handle even the most difficult situations. Their warm and careful attitude enhances the impression of a truly luxurious service. All our specialists are multilingual which totally removes a problem of the communication barrier.

Competitive prices.

Israel is famous not only for its first-class medical services but for their reasonable cost. By choosing IES Medical you get a chance to receive the best treatment required without a need to pay extra money for it.

A personalized approach.
We’re happy to offer our customers fully personalized solutions that are developed individually for each case, in order to ensure the best result.

We are ready to make your experience of medical tourism in Israel perfect!