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Voice disorders, tumors etc.


Vocal folds vibrate so quickly during sound production that it is impossible to see this vibration with the naked eye, as it is similar to the motion of a hummingbird’s wings.
Stroboscopy is a unique technique for the visualization of vocal fold vibration. It employs a synchronized, flashing light transported through a flexible or rigid telescope to enable the visualization of vocal fold vibration. The flashes of light emitted by the stroboscope are synchronized to the vocal fold vibration at a somewhat slower speed, enabling the examiner to observe vocal fold vibration during sound production in what appears to be slow motion. This "slow motion picture" is an illusion, as stroboscopy does not modify speed of actual vocal fold vibration. This special viewing enables the voice care team to evaluate each vocal fold`s vibration properties during the different stages of the vocal fold`s vibration cycle.
Phonosurgery is the term for diverse surgical procedures that maintain, restore, or enhance the human voice. Phonosurgery includes phonomicrosurgery (microsurgery of the vocal folds conducted with an endoscope), laryngoplastic phonosurgery (open-neck surgery that restructures the cartilaginous composition of the larynx and the soft tissues), laryngeal injection (injection of medications into the larynx in addition to synthetic and organic biologic substances), and laryngeal re-innervation (nerve supply restoration).
Laryngectomy signifies the surgical removal of the voice box, or larynx, in people whose larynx has been affected by a malignant tumor or any other trauma. Since a laryngectomy is a major surgical intervention affecting the patient`s ability to speak, the procedure also involves comprehensive post-surgery rehabilitation for the patient. ENT Departments in Israel offer optimal treatment for neck and throat complications, including treatment for tumors and accidents that have impaired the larynx.
However, if treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, as well as minor surgery, fail, then a complete laryngectomy is the sole option. Israeli hospitals offer the optimum in terms of post-operative care and rehabilitation. Following Laryngectomy, patients may opt for the exceptional speech therapy sessions available at the hospital as well as complete evaluation and treatment of disorders arising from conditions such as hearing disorders and Laryngectomy.

Neuro-otologic surgery (facial paralysis and tumors)