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Knee Replacement Surgery in Israel

The development of cutting-edge orthopedics can solve large joint diseases (osteoarthritis) effectively and fully restore range of motion, as well as eliminate pain and discomfort. A complete knee replacement in Israel is one of the main types of surgeries carried out by leading orthopedic surgeons at "IES" private medical center, employing the most advanced techniques. The high professional standard of the orthopedic clinic coupled with state-of-the-art equipment can achieve impressive outcomes, which are appreciated by thousands of indebted patients.

Anatomical and Physiological Features of the Knee

The knee joint is one of the large joints of the body, which bears a heavy load, carrying the total body mass on a daily basis. The joint`s complex anatomical structure creates a robust and flexible connection of the femur, tibia and patella. Powerful ligaments hold the joint, limiting its excessive mobility. The necessity to handle the enormous stress creates the presence of a unique structure that acts as a natural shock absorber - intra-articular cartilage, providing smooth operation and preventing damage to the bony articular surfaces.

When is Knee Surgery Required?

The knee joint is susceptible to numerous disorders and age-related modifications, reducing its functional capacity. Most often, knee replacement surgery is performed in Israel due to the following diseases:

  • Degenerative joint disease - (osteoarthritis), result of age-related modifications or metabolic disorders, leading to irreversible cartilage degradation. This is the most common reason for limited motor function in middle and old age
  • Traumatic joint injury - intra-articular fractures, sprains and knee ligament tear with the impossibility of complete recovery. Weakening of the ligaments can cause pathologic mobility and rapid erosion of the cartilage with the development of secondary osteoarthritis
  • Chronic inflammatory processes, including the effects of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Complications of systemic diseases (e.g. hemophilia with the development of intra-articular bleeding) leading to secondary joint damage
  • Excess body weight, putting increased stress on the joints and provoking early osteoarthritis
  • Tumors

Orthopedic specialists at "IES" Private Medical Center carefully consider the feasibility of preservative medical therapy, as well as minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. When drugs are ineffective, full knee replacement surgery (arthroplasty) is advised.

Knee Joint Disease Diagnosis in Israel

At "IES" Private Medical Center, patients undergo all kinds of essential diagnostic procedures to accurately evaluate injury to the knee joint and to determine the type of operation. The main diagnostic methods for evaluating knee joint diseases in Israel are:

  • X-ray in different projections
  • Knee MRI 
  • Diagnostic perforation
  • Knee arthroscopy is both a diagnostic method and an endeavor to perform minimally invasive arthroplasty. Knee arthroscopy provides physicians with a clear view of the inside portion of the knee. This assists them in diagnosing and treating knee disorders.
Knee Joint Replacement Surgery in Israel
Orthopedists of the Orthopedic Department at "IES" boast vast and successful experience in performing knee replacement surgery, using state-of-the-art high-quality implants made of plastic, metal or polymer. The materials from which dentures (prosthesis) are made are typified by high strength and are neutral for the organism, i.e., do not cause allergic reactions or rejection. Knee surgery in Israel is conducted under general or spinal anesthesia to completely alleviate the pain. The type of anesthesia, type of prosthesis and surgical method are determined by a team of physicians depending also on the individual traits of each patient. The use of modern orthopedic technology minimizes the postoperative period of hospital admittance. Upon discharge, patients receive detailed recommendations for the rapid functional recovery of the limb.

Orthopedists at "IES" Private Medical Center ensure a personalized approach to address the health needs of each and every patient, based on professional know-how and accountability for the results of orthopedic treatment in Israel.