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Cardiovascular diseases are a primary cause of pain, and constitute an imminent danger involving the potential for life threatening consequences, yet early detection and opportune treatment provide encouraging prospects for the majority of patients. Cardiothoracic Surgery departments offer innovative treatment to patients requiring surgical solutions.

Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery is available to patients affected by coronary artery occlusion  as this approach is esteemed superior to catheter-based intervention. A considerable proportion of these surgeries is currently conducted on the beating heart, without the heart-lung machine, with more optimal outcomes than those attained using previous techniques.

Malfunctioning heart valves are repaired (by removing the calcifications) when feasible, using analysis of intra-operative echocardiographic findings. If required, severely distorted valves are replaced with different types of valve substitutes.

Atrial Fibrillation, complicating the progression of the disease in a great number of patients with valvular as well as cardiac ischemia, can aggravate symptoms of cardiac failure and facilitate the development of blood clots and embolization. Using the most advanced and most accessible technology, Israel`s highly qualified surgeons conduct the CyroMaze procedure to rectify this heart rhythm disorder.

Surgical treatment of all types of Congenital Cardiovascular Anomalies is provided in collaboration with Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia and Pediatric Intensive Care professionals.

End-stage cardiac failure is treated surgically with Cardiac Transplantation, or alternately, with enhanced assist devices.

Thoracic malignancies and a wide range of pathological processes in the chest are treated by a multispecialty team, applying the latest theories precisely customized for each specific patient (please see General Thoracic Surgery below).

Massive and intricate surgical replacement of damaged aortic segments – is conducted in cooperation with the vascular surgery personnel, employing groundbreaking technology with a special emphasis on protecting multiple organs.

General Thoracic Surgery

The Cardiothoracic Surgery Departments provide a complete diagnostic evaluation and comprehensive surgical care to patients with pulmonary diseases, obstructed airways, and diseases of  the diaphragm, chest wall and mediastinum. The following procedures are the most widely performed: 

Pulmonary Resection:

  • Lobectomy
  • Pneumonectomy
  • Wedge resection (segmentectomy)
  • Sleeve resection
  • VATS (Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery) resection


Mediastinal Surgery:

  • Mediastinoscopy /Mediastinotomy
  • Mediastinal tumor resection
  • Thymectomy: a form of treatment for Myasthenia Gravis

Chest Wall Procedures:

  • Resection and reconstruction of the chest wall
  • Pectus excavatum repair surgery


Pleural procedures:

  • Empyema drainage
  • Pleural biopsy
  • VAT talc pleurodesis


Thoracic Trauma:

  • Exploration for massive bleeding
  • Acute heart and lung injuries


The Cardiothoracic Israeli Teams have obtained excellent results with trauma victims, severely injured in acts of aggression and accidents, suffering from cardiac, pulmonary and large vessel injuries, which are blunt or penetrating.