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Israel Emergency Services (IES) - Medical treatment in Israel

Justina Ibe

Testimonial about IES treatment in Israel

Chif Okeagu Ogada

Testimonial about IES TREATMENT in Israel

DR Isaac Olubanjo Akerele

President of the family DK. in Abuja

Israel Emergency Services (IES)

Israel Emergency Services (IES), a leading medical services provider based in Israel, has an established track record with 18 years’ experience in Medical Tourism. Moreover, its committed and professional team has excellent relations with the local medical community. IES creates an easy avenue of contact between clients and renowned Israeli Specialists, attracting patients from all over the world. There are several principles that underlie on the basis of the company’s activities. The most important one is to give to our clients the best medical services. We are interested in these services always being on the highest professional level.