Air Ambulance Services: Quick Medical Transport Solutions

IES Medical has 20 years of experience to arrange medical evacuation by air

Medical evacuation services:

emergency medical evacuation
  • Flight ambulance
  • Medical clearance
  • Medical equipment
  • Transfer (ground transportation)
  • Coordination with air ambulance
  • All the logistic necessary with air ambulance
  • Commercial aircraft with our proffecional medical team
  • Quick processing of visas for most African and Asian (India, China) countries.
  • Medical teams with multiple passports can enter a range of countries (Israeli passport doesn`t need visa to Russia, Ukraine, Moldova)
  • Multilingual team of proffessionals
  • Cooperation with air ambulance companies and local medical teams worldwide

At IES Medical, a patient`s medical condition and stability are the axis around which every decision is made, particularly when air transport is involved.

We have years of experience in transferring adults, children and babies with medical conditions ranging from simple to critical from any starting point to any destination point in the world, via air ambulance, commercial airlines, or a combination of both.

There are clear advantages to having experience in combining options for medical flights.

Often patients can be transported much more efficiently and quickly when one leg of the journey is made using air ambulance – for example, when evacuation is tricky, dangerous, or complicated by political limitations. The remainder of the trip can then be made via commercial airline, which dramatically cuts down on expenses.

Commercial aircraft also do not require refueling as often as air ambulances, which shortens flight time and avoids the necessity of excessive take-off, landing, and runway waiting time.

Understanding the features, advantages and disadvantages of the different options at our disposal enables our professional team to propose educated and viable solutions when planning medical flight

Via air ambulance s. We`ve invested a great deal of effort in establishing excellent relationships both with reliable air ambulance companies around the globe, as well as with commercial airline companies who understand the unique needs of these sometimes very complex flights.

Our medical escort team is experienced in dealing with the physical layout and conditions offered on the different aircraft, and can easily maneuver between those available on air ambulances and commercial airplanes.

IES` flexible `combination approach` to medical flights along with having headquarters in Israel offers another clear advantage.

Israel is a prime mid-point between East and West, equipped with a world-class airport and excellent medical facilities, staff, ambulances and hotels in close proximity, which serves as a valuable connection point between flights.

For example, a patient can be brought to Israel via air ambulance, stabilized in hospital for a day and then continue on to the final destination via commercial airline.

IES staff coordinates with all of the different parties involved both in-flight and on the ground to ensure that the patient is transported comfortably, safely, and efficiently from the beginning of the route to the end.

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