Medical training

Medical training

For over 20 years, we have been providing a wide range of professional medical training services for doctors and medical workers

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IES Medical arranges medical traing

we offer

We offer you or short-term seminars or trainings for a long term period time. The courses and seminars are conducted for the specialists of different areas on the topics both individually and for groups.

we assumes

IES Medical assumes the organization and preparatory work and also negotiations with the necessary medical center

who invited

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, physiotherapists and all other medical and paramedical specialists are invited for training courses,


Medical care in Israel is outstanding and includes such advanced options as in vitro fertilization, neurosurgery, MRI scans, bone marrow and organs transplants. Israel has state of the art emergency medical services, with a network of first aid station, public ambulance, and mobile intensive care units.


Training for physicians and nurses takes place at four medical schools, 15 nursing schools, and two schools each for dentistry and pharmacology. 


Medical training services in Israel also include training for physical and occupational therapists, radiological technicians, laboratory technicians, and nutritionists.

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from participans

“Amazing experience at this at seminars! The seminar was inspiring and informative! \always something new to learn”

- Allie Grater

“It was pleasure to attend your seminar. Thank you for the excellent, clear and clinically oriented presentation!”

- Lucia Denton