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Urologists provide a wide range of fine, inclusive diagnostic and ambulatory treatments including:

Cystoscopy – including bladder biopsy.
State-of-the-art imaging techniques such as trans-rectal ultrasound to diagnose prostate complications.
Ultrasound with the Doppler Effect to diagnose vascular problems of the reproductive system and causal factors of sexual dysfunction.
Urodynamic bladder dysfunction assessment

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Urologic surgeries (laparoscopic, trans-urethral, or open):

Prostatectomy for non-cancerous enlargement and/or malignant tumors of the prostate gland.

Partial and/or complete resection of bladder tumors.

Renal and urethral resections.

Unique surgical procedures repairing sexual dysfunction, infertility, and incontinence.

Removal of kidney stones via surgical incision and with ultrasonic energy.

A combination of intravesical instillation of a cytotoxic drug and warming of the bladder to 420C with microwave energy (the Synergo technique). This new technology is believed to attain better results than intravesical chemotherapy on its own.

Cryotherapy is a method of freezing the prostate with electrodes that deliver very low temperatures into the prostate. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. The prostate is frozen and thawed several times during one treatment session. The freezing and thawing completely destroy the tissue including the malignant tumor within the prostate.

Cryotherapy of renal tumors has been employed over the past 5 years and the results have been very good. In 92% of the cases the tumors were completely destroyed by the technique with no considerable side effects to the patients.

Unique urologic surgeries aimed at repairing various inborn abnormalities/deformities are conducted by Pediatric Urologists.

A cutting-edge technique using radioactive iodine isotopic implants in the prostate, for the treatment of prostate cancer is also available. This technique facilitates treatment with minimal detriment to the well-being of patients. According to research findings, this internationally esteemed approach has earned an excellent reputation.

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