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Leaving your details
Examination of medical need
Consultation with medical experts
Medical flight
to Israel
Help with visa process
Setting a schedule for the patient
Rehabilitation until
complete recovery
Return home
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Why IES is the best medical tourism company you can choose?

Direct access to the leading Israeli
doctors and medical hospital

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Top quality medical services

The widest possible range of services

Competitive prices

Providing all around services

Consultation and treatment
available from over 700
medical specialists

On-line support after return home

A case management system

Success stories

Dr. Isaac Olubanjo Akerele
Testimonial about IES treatment in Israel
Chif Okeagu Ogada
Testimonial about IES treatment in Israel
Dr. Isaac Olubanjo Akerele
Testimonial about IES treatment in Israel

Our special treatments

medical tourism company


Zoom Consultation with a doctor
Doctor giving recommendations
Prescription / Protocol sent via email
Patient receive medication within 2-3 working days
Follow up by doctor

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Other services

You ask we answer

Consultation correspondence with our team of specialists, for the purpose of drawing up a treatment program; specifically addressing your needs, are completely free of charge. Each individual just needs to send their medical reports and a description of their symptoms to our email address:
[email protected]  or fill-out an online application.
(Insert website online link, here)
Rest assured, all your personal medical information will be held in the strictest of confidence.

Yes, applying on your own through the hospital is an option, but there are a few things to consider, first.

Be informed, unlike with our streamlined services, the hospital will require you to visit through their “medical tourism department.” This means you will be set-up to work with a specialist available at your time of contact, and not with a specialist of your choosing. It is also important to note, you will not be guaranteed a specific timeframe to get applications and other paperwork translated and filled out, nor get your diagnostics, exams and procedures complete, in the period of time for which you have available.

To ensure a proper schedule of pre and post treatment and care at the hospital, which matches the timeframe you have available; and to get your choice in specialist, contacting and consulting with our professional and friendly staff, would be in your best interest.

With our expertise, available to you; one-on-one, we will draw up a feasible and efficient schedule for you to get through all the paperwork, diagnostic, examinations and treatment with ease, and at the most convenient time for you, and with the best Israeli specialist.

Yes, we provide you with all the necessary documents needed for you to apply for your tourist visa.

medical tourism company

From the newspaper

מאודסה לפתח תקווה: שיתוף פעולה ישראלי להצלת ילדה אמריקנית
מערכות גופה של ילדה אמריקנית בת 6 שטיילה עם משפחתה באוקראינה קרסו. חברות ישראליות התארגנו להטיס אותה לארץ בניסיון להציל את חייה

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