Bar-Ilan University researchers, with support from the Israel Cancer Association, have introduced a groundbreaking technology set to revolutionize cancer treatment personalization. Their innovative method delves into the intricate dynamics between immune system cells and cancer cells, offering crucial insights for tailoring treatment strategies.

Published in the esteemed scientific journal RNA, this pioneering work marks the first instance of directly observing the interaction between immune and cancer cells within patient biopsies. By scrutinizing changes in gene expression of immune cells neighboring cancerous tissue, the team uncovered distinct genetic signatures, particularly highlighting the heightened activity of CD8 T immune cells, renowned for their direct cancer cell targeting.

Dr. Shahar Alon, lead researcher at Bar-Ilan University’s Faculty of Engineering, elucidates the significance: “Cancer cells adeptly evade natural immune defenses, but by decoding the molecular alterations occurring during immune cell encounters, we gain invaluable insights into this intricate interplay.”

Employing advanced scanning techniques developed by Dr. Alon’s team, the analysis identified numerous genes uniquely expressed in immune cells near cancer sites. This innovative sequencing approach provides clinicians with a potent tool to assess individual patients’ immune response activation, enabling more informed decisions regarding immunotherapy interventions and ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Moshe Bar Haim, CEO of the Israel Cancer Association, underscores the global impact of this breakthrough: “Research transcends borders, and each stride forward holds promise for patients worldwide. This newfound comprehension of the immune system’s role in combating cancer offers hope for more effective treatments and heightened recovery rates.”

Under the stewardship of student researchers Michal Danino and Tal Goldberg, guided by Dr. Alon and Prof. Gonen Singer, this study received support from the Israel Cancer Association, the Israel National Science Foundation, and the Sheba/Bar-Ilan grant, symbolizing collaborative efforts driving transformative advancements in cancer care.

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